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What is BMI

Body mass index, abbreviated to BMI, is an important indicator for scientists and physicians. Many people have already dealt with this index, voluntarily or involuntarily.BMI evaluates the weight of the human body and was discovered by Adolphe Quetelet. The main advantage of the index is to indicate and warn of possible overweight. Globally, the risk of being overweight in people increases at an incredible rate. The Body Mass Index takes into account an individual's weight, but not the composition of their muscle and fat tissue. This index is calculated very simply. Actual Weight divided by Height squared. This calculation leads to a number that provides us with information about Weight.

The BMI calculator for Women is free, as is the above BMI table. If the BMI is below 19, the person is underweight, 19-25, the person is absolutely normal weight. With a BMI greater than 25, caution is warranted and a slight tendency toward obesity is determined. One must be very careful with the number 30, which already defines Obesity. BMI takes into account the age of the person concerned. In addition, your Gender plays an important role. BMI is much higher in men than in women, which can be explained by the fact that men have more muscle mass than women. Especially in children and adolescents, continuous monitoring of weight is important. Many people tend to be slightly overweight at an early age, which has a negative effect on bone development and health.