v3 plant-based fitness review

v3 plant-based fitness review

v3 plant-based fitness plan  review

Hi, I'm Bob and I want to tell you about my experience with V3 Plant-based Fitness. So I'm 37 years old.

I have visited a gym 4 times a week and work hard for about 2-3 hours. I have some results: my muscles become bigger, and I was able to push big weights. But my body looks badly(I don't have a flat belly as I want and totally its doesn't looks like I visiting a gym). As I know from many books and articles I have to eat a lot of meat to build strong muscles. I think you also hear a lot about it. Once a new boy comes to my gym he looks exactly like me for about the first 3-4 weeks and made the same exercises as I, but visit gym only twice a week and spent not more than 2 hours there. After about 4 weeks his muscles became relief and his belly flat. He even pushes the same weight as me. So I ask him: "Hey man what is your secret".First, he just smiles. But then he saw my disappointment, come to me and said: "Your problem is in your knowledge. The first mistake is that you eat a lot of meat. I was just like you some time ago. I realized that I was stomping around. And start to search some other info on the web. I was lucky to find V3 Plant-based Fitness review on some forum where some men describe the same problem as mine. I got it and start to follow all instructions in this program. I have start when I came to this gym." I just can't believe it: only 3 weeks pass and the man looks like a god. After I come home I take my laptop and start searching V3 Plant-based Fitness by Chris Willitts. After I find,  bye it and read it the whole night(such interesting it was). So Chris Willitts describes all process very clear and gives clear advice and step by step program. And what can I say: V3 Plant-based Fitness really works very well for me After about 3 weeks my belly was flex and my muscles were embossed. So from that time I was not ashamed to take my shirt off. I feel perfect.

Many people think that veganism and bodybuilding are mutually exclusive. But that's not true. A lot of famous vegan athletes are clear proof of that. But it is important to clearly understand how you can achieve muscle growth on a plant-based diet. And plan everything properly. Vegan bodybuilding is commonly criticized precisely because of the large number of mistakes that beginner athletes make. But if you do everything correctly, you won't have any problems with gaining muscle mass or burning excess fat. That's what we're going to talk about now. What are the most common mistakes and how to get the most out of your workouts if you don't eat animal products. And let's start with the first obstacle most would-be vegan bodybuilders stumble at Protein intake.

For example, famous bodybuilder Bill Pearl gave up meat at age 35 because of the critically high level of cholesterol in his blood. The clinic advised Bill to change his diet in order to avoid a hospital bed. As a result, he simply stopped eating meat.

V3 Plant-based Fitness reviews

It should be kept in mind that vegetarians are not afraid of many diseases that afflict those who like to eat meat products. According to researches of Oxford University, the risk of death from coronary heart disease is 24% lower for Lacto-vegetarians than for an average citizen, for vegans - by 57%.

This is due to a person's inability to process large amounts of animal fat consumed, which causes an increase in blood cholesterol and therefore leads to an increased risk of heart disease. By the way, in 1971, that is, after he gave up meat products, Bill won the title of "Mr. Universe.


So how does eating behavior affect our relationship with sports or weight loss? In order to understand this, I will briefly tell you about what building materials muscle is made of.

The building material is protein or proteine (lat) - a set of amino acids. In all, we are interested in two dozen amino acids and especially the essential ones. Nine amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body itself and require that the body gets them from food, so they are called essential. Well, the problem is that for the most part they are only found in meat, milk, and eggs. That's why items 3 and 4 are in green on our list. By giving up mammalian meat, these types of diet followers can easily get essential amino acids from egg whites, fish, and dairy products. This is why vegetarianism and bodybuilding work well with Lacto- and lacto-vegetarians, pescatarians, and proletarians. Learn more about it in 

Why did I become a vegan?

A friend of mine once worked as a butcher: cutting up the carcasses of cute animals that say "moo" and tender pink-footed ones that use "oink" to communicate.


A few years ago, we got to talking about why he became a vegetarian. He replied that when he cut the meat, he constantly saw a huge number of diseased areas that looked as if they were cancerous.


Well, okay, it happens to everybody.


As a decent man, he always tried to throw such sections away as a matter of concern for people's health. The owner of the company where he worked had to fire him because keeping such a butcher was economically unprofitable. Rest assured, under normal circumstances absolutely anything that is not bone goes on the store counter.


Most often, bodybuilders use diet meats as a source of protein (chicken, fish). It is considered less harmful.


My personal conversion to vegetarianism (over 15 years ago) was influenced by the story of a vegetarian bodybuilder who became so after seeing a mysterious growth on the bone of a chicken while cooking it.


His doctor friend explained to him that it was the result of a disease and that domestic animals (especially those raised in factories) were just as sick as humans because of the unsanitary, unnatural conditions in which they were raised and fed. After that, he didn't want to eat sick meat anymore.


Every day, tons of cancer-affected meat is cut up in cancer hospitals. Then they dispose of it... Would any of you want to fill your refrigerator with it for free? I doubt it.


If my butcher friend is right, every day we buy sick meat like this for money...




The main difference between plants and animals is that they live shorter lives and therefore accumulate less pollution, poisonous substances, chemicals. (This is a high school biology textbook, 1st and 2nd order consumes.)


Herbivores pass tons of plant food through their lives. When a cow eats grass, she's not doing it to chew and pop a tortilla on the other side, she's doing it to grow and create meat and milk.


If the grass she eats is contaminated, the concentration of contaminants in the meat and milk will be much higher. Even more of them will accumulate in the animals that eat the cow. The arithmetic is very simple.

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